Movie Content Plus Video How WAKANDA FOREVER Sets Up Iron Heart, YOUNG AVENGERS, and MEPHISTO (no, really!)

How WAKANDA FOREVER Sets Up Iron Heart, YOUNG AVENGERS, and MEPHISTO (no, really!)

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever set up a new series Iron Heart. In this video we explain the new series, how it connects to the Midnight Sons, Vision Quest, Young Avengers, and Mephisto!

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Brianna McLarty

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First I want to talk about Riri Williams from the comics–her origin, and how that is going to inform the direction of this show.

Just like in the movie, she is from the south side of Chicago, and grew up poor. But she was born extremely gifted, categorized as a super genius when she was just 5 years old. Now, remember, this is Marvel comics where there is super genius running around everywhere, so there was an actual protocol in place for this. Her doctor told Rir’s mom and stepdad that they had to show Riri the good side of humanity, so she didn’t become introverted and turn into a supervillain [rpofessor chaos lighting].

Like most heroes, she has a tragic backstory, when her best friend and her stepdad were killed by a drive-by shooting when she was just a kid–and she watched it happen. And when she was just 15 she got a full-ride scholarship to MIT–the alma mater of her hero, Tony Stark.

When she was at MIT, she built her own reverse-engineered iron man suit, using spare parts and whatever she could steal from MIT. and the result was like what you see in the movie, kind of a janky–but functional iron man suit. Campus police tried to arrest her, but she flies away, and then she comes to the attention of Tony stark. He starts to mentor her, just in time for civil war 2 to break out in the MCU–and that conflict leaves tony in a coma.

So tony created an AI of himself to mentor Riri, as she filled in for him as Iron man–and she eventually renamed herself Iron heart. During this time she gets close to Pepper potts and Mary Jane Watson, who were running stark industries with the help of Today’s I Friday.

This is where we might see a few things in common with the TV show. Because Tony was technically missing, the board at stark industries tried to take over his country. And in Spider-Man no way home, we’ve seen that star industries drones were seized by damage control. And then those same drones were later used to chase down Kamala Khan. Got some theories on how this will affect the show that I’ll go over later in the video.

Dddr squatch

Now there are a few things about her in the comics that we won’t see in the MCU, but they still say a lot about her character. Like, how she made friends with Dr doom.

Doug: but…but he’s a bad guy.

Yeah, I know. He’s my favorite bad guy. So while tony was si that coma, dr doom was trying to make amends for his troubled past, and he decided to become Iron Man. Riri told him to stop and the two of them started to bond over how boring school was for them because they are so smart… then RiRi guides him on a spiritual journey. [isnt it great we’re all better people, Wayne’s world ending].

Let’s see, what else, she helped take down Hydra with the Champions, fought Thanos, and briefly fell under the sway of Blackheart, otherwise known as the son of Mephisto.

Doug: Not the bees, not the bees. [not the bees!]

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But moving back to Iron heart, a key moment from the comics that will likely affect her show is the underage superhuman welfare act, which outlawed teenagers from becoming vigilantes. And this meant that RiRi had to give up being Iron heart, temporarily, o course,

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