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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever revealed that vibranium is the key to global power on the CU’s Earth, but we think it will also be the key to power in the multiverse. I this video we break down the secret connection between Vobranium, the Etenals, Kang the Conqueror–and how this all leads into Secret Wars redefining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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Vibranium allowed the creation of the most advanced civilization in the world. And it created one of the first superheroes in history, who is the Black Panther.

But Wakanda Forever now reveales that vibranium has a much bigger sagnifince that is going ti directly connects to the mutants, the mutliversal war, and the plans of kang The conquerer, that will ultimately lead into Secret Wars.

Namor’s people have vibranium as well, but they are different. The metal turned them into superhumans. And Namor is now one of the most powerful people on the planet.

The vibranium of both civilization has arrived from space, with the best delivery system in the universe – meteors.

Doug: unless you are a dinosaur…

Anyway one vibranium meteor is a miracle, two of them arriving on the same planet, that starts to feel like a pattern.

And don’t forget, there was a third important meteor that hit Earth, the one that the celestials sent.

Here’s the thing, The MCU is heading to Avengers Secret Wars, it will be the culmination of the multiverse saga. And based on what we learned in Loki, there will be a multiversal war, which will be caused by Kang the conquere and his variants.

That’s the war we will see in Secret Wars, a war that might end the enthire multiverse.

Of course Kang is involved. He might be the reason why earth’s is the only world in the universe that had vibranium. Kang is playing a game on the multiveral scale, planning something huge with the strongest metal in the world, and it’s the key for him winning Secret Wars.

Alright, before we explain Kang’s plan, let’s explain the possible connection between vibranium and the celestials, because that will clarify that Kang is planning.

So about 2.5 millions years ago, a meteor hit Africa and brougt vibranium to Earth.
From that meteor, Wakanda was born, and they became the most advanced civilization on Earth.

For a long time everyone assumed that Wakanda is the only source of vibranium on the planet, but there was another.

About 500 years ago, Namor’s people found a flower shaped vibranium ore in the Yucatán Peninsula, which is in Mexico.

The vibranium must have arrived there from a diffrent meteor that hit Africa.

Namor’s people found the vibranium in the Yucatán Peninsula which is in Mexico. Thats where the Chicxulub crater located. The crater was created by the asteroid that killed the Dinosaurs millions of years ago.

So obviously vibranium is alien to Earth, it was sent from somewhere in space.

The fact that two vibranium meteors hit Earth twice, in two different locations, around the same time, creating two powerful societies. That can’t be a coincidence.

You see the MCU might be putting more focus on the importance of vibranium. It’s significance so far was mostly as a tool or a weapon that was used by diffrent charecters. But there might be a far bigger meaning to the strongest metal in the universe.
Vibranium might have a direc connection to the multiverse.

Don’t forget, there was a third meteor that hit Earth millions of years ago.
The celestials sent Tiamut’s seed to Earth in the form of a meteor.

In case you forgot, the celestials are born from seeds that grow inside planet cores. The seeds arrive on worlds with meteors. Which is how vibranium arrived on Earth. Seems like a trend.

In fact, the celestials have a bit of a habit of deleviring stuff with meteors. The devients were sent to worlds in meteor showers.

And considering that Tiamut was rising from the Indian Ocean, that’s likely the place of origins of the meteor.

Yeah… all sorts of messed up.
But this is the same process that the MCU’s celestials use.

And here’s the thing, the heart of what this theory is all about. The celestials of Earth X are made of…. vibranium.

The celestials inject the embryo worlds with vibranium, and as the celestial baby grows inside, it’s incased as a shell around the celestials, creating that cosmic armor.

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