Movie Content Plus Video How WAKANDA FOREVER Sets Up a MUTANT WAR in the MCU


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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has brought yet another mutant into the MCU: Namor, the Sub-Mariner. But what does "mutants" mean in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is Spider-Man a mutant? We think mutants may soon be used as a scapegoat for the government to crack down on superpowered people–that will lead to Civil War 2, and further divide the heroes before Kang Dynasty.

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Written and Edited by Colton Ogburn (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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And we think the introduction of mutants is also setting up a war between mankind and the enhanced, that could explode in phase 6 and beyond. [clip, magneto “the war is here”]

So let’s start with the mutant line itself. “I was a mutant.” When Namor says this is does not imply in anyway that he’s been told [clip, you’re a wizard harry]

Wrong clip. [clip, First Class “you are a mutant”]

Namor hasn’t had a Charlese Xavier recruitment visit. Ms. Marvel’s bestie Bruno didn’t run a test on his blood. [clip, Ms. Marvel, a mutation.]

He simply realized that he shared many differences from the rest of his people. Such as his winged feet, his skin not turning blue when he’s out of the water, his ability to breathe on dry land. And, he ages very slowly. [clip]

Basically, Namor’s power is to tear through his enemies like an M4 sherman tank through a German panther. Or since he can fly, like an F-14 through a Mig 3.

Forget the implications of the word “mutant” in the Marvel universe for just a moment. A mutation can be defined as “an organism that is different from others of its type because of a permanent change in its genes.” [clip, first class, different eye colors.]

Namor has such stark differences from the rest of his people. So, we believe that Namor simply used the term “mutant” as a brief descriptor of his condition. Explaining why he is so different from the rest.

But we as Marvel fans know on a meta level that there’s a lot of meaning behind that word, mutant. [clip]

The Marvel Comics universe is full of super powered people with abilities and physical characteristics that make them standout. But not all of these characters are “mutants.” In the comics, mutants are characters who have an activated mutant X-Gene.

A gene that when activated gives its host special abilities, aka, super powers.

Doug: What do you mean by “activated”?

Good question. People are able to carry the mutant x-gene without showing any signs of a physical mutation or super abilities. But later in life that gene can be activated, giving them their powers and causing a physical transformation. [clip]

Now what causes the activation of the X-Gene isn’t set in stone. We’ve seen the X-Gene be activated from birth, therefore affecting pubescent children. But we’ve also seen examples of it not activating until they reach puberty. [clip]

Another example is when an individual is placed in a cataclysmic situation. Such as Magneto being separated from his mother at a concentration camp. This moment of fear, sadness, and rage brought Magneto’s powers to the surface. [clip]

Or take Wolverine for example. When he was a child he was sick and dying. But following the death of the man he believed to be his father, he became enraged. And out popped the bone claws. [clip]

Another example of mutant a gene activation was seen in Deadpool. We saw Wade Wilson undergo literal torture to activate any dorment mutant genes that may be in his genetic coding. [clip]

So, those are the many ways we’ve seen mutant gene activation occur in the comics as well as the Fox X-Men films.

But now we’re in the MCU. A universe that up until recently had no mention whatsoever of mutants. In fact, they were legally barred from even using the word “mutant” or “mutation” in any of their films or tv shows prior to Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

With the MCU now able to use mutants in their projects. The question has become, how do you introduce mutants into an already established universe without it feeling like a massive retcon?

Well, we have a few theories.

It’s been theorized by many that perhaps Thanos’ snap will be responsible for mutants. Perhaps we could see individuals who got snapped away and then blipped back now have a new gene in their genetic coding. A gene created by the power of the 6 infinity stones.

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