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D23 was a let down this year because of the Hollywood strikes and general MCU malaise. But we think that for the studio to fix its problems, it needs to look to Agents of Shield as an example. Then it can regain the glory days of Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Iron Man.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Brianna McLarty, and Lee Mazzio

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now it’s no secret that Marvel is having some problems, and today I’m going to explain what those problems are, and offer up a few solutions on how the studio could regain the fans’ trust and enthusiasm. I mena, their D23 presentation this year was just…kind of depressing–but I’ll talk about that more in a bit.

And I’m not going to be talking about a massive reboot, or bringing in the X-men. I’m going to lak about why the key to fixing Marvel on disney plus is actually…agents of shield.

Doug: That low-rated ABC show?

Yes! Because Agents of shields actually have the key to making Marvel on disney plus work. And as I go through this video, I’m going to talk about the year 2014–because that was a magical year for the MCU, and I think marvel needs to replicate what they were doing 9 years ago to succeed in the future.

Doug: But I don;t get what you’re saying. I love marvel..what’s wrong with the MCU?

Oh, I still love the MCU. a bad mcu show is still better than most superhero shows out there. But Marvel has seen a pretty steady decline in critical and fan ratings over the years. We talked about why in THIS video, but I’m going to briefly recap now, so we’re aware of all the problems that we need to deal with.

First of all, Marvel began phase 4 dealing with 3 crashes that were not of their making. Disney fired James Gunn, who was set to take on a leadership role, coordinating marvel cosmic projects, and delaying GOTG 3 for years. Then, of course, the pandemic. And worst of all, the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, where we lost a brave wonderful person, who was also the star of Marvel’s biggest franchise.

Now those are the very public, visible problems that marvel had to overcome. And I think they did pretty well with those. Gunn was rehired, the pandemic shined a spotlight on disney plus shows, and wakanda forever was a masterful film about grief. But marvel has also had some behind the scenes problem–namely, that during phase 4 former disney ceo bob chapek reportedly pursued marvel and lucasfilm to pump out more content for disneyplus.

This lowered the bar of quality, because so few projects revived the attention, care, and visual effects work they served [clips, bad vfx].

I will say that fromer and now current CEO Bob Iger has pumped the brakes on this pipeline, wanting to make marvel and star wars feel like events again. It would also be great if he would pay his writers and actors a fair wage and let them get back to telling the stories we love.

So, back to Marvel. Phase 4’s mission to make us as content as possible made it impossible to interconnect this universe properly. In fact tomorrow we have a video coming out that I’m really proud of, where we rewrite phase 4 to talk about how we could have altered the entire phase to set up the secret invasion avengers movie, instead of a disney plus series.

So this massive freight train of projects marvel creates is built on the back of something called viz-dev, or visual development. Normally, a filmmaker writes a screenplay, then they storyboard the movie, create animatics, and film–and while filming is happening, effects teams get to work on the visual effects. But visual effects take so long to create,that marvel essentially skips a couple steps. They imagine their visual effects sequences first, then build the screenplay around them.

Doug: LikeJohn woo?

Yes, like john woo, who writes screenplays around white doves he wants to include in his movies. The problem is that sometimes the screenplay evolves sina different way. Like they had to reiterate the last act of iron man to add in the icing problem [clip]. And there are other movies with kind of clunky third acts that just didn;t work with the story being told. Like how Shang Chi’s father-son conflict was resolved by demon sucking dragoons. Oir how a ground spy thriller like black Widow ended with a sky ship falling.

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