How They Got Ripped Marathon #1 – Superhero Movie Stars

Playing a superhero on the big screen is a surefire way for an actor to make some serious money and get a major career boost. It may seem like an easy enough job, seeing as how special effects go a long way in making a superhero movie pop, but it still takes a lot of work to get into character. Even before they begin shooting, the stars have to get ripped in order to convincingly play superheroes, and many actors have shared the details of their workout routines. Let’s take a look at how these movie stars got ripped to play superheroes.

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How Tom Holland Got Ripped To Play Spider-Man | 0:00
How Michael B. Jordan Got Ripped For Black Panther | 4:31
How Henry Cavill Got In Shape To Play Superman | 8:40
How Zachary Levi Got In Serious Shape For Shazam! | 13:21
How Hugh Jackman Got Ripped To Play Wolverine | 23:57
How Josh Brolin Got Ripped To Play Cable In Deadpool 2 | 29:05
How Scarlett Johansson Got Ripped To Play Black Widow | 33:11
How Tom Hardy Got Ripped To Play Venom | 38:18
How Chadwick Boseman Got Ripped To Play Black Panther | 42:54
How Sebastian Stan Got Ripped To Play Marvel’s Winter Soldier | 46:22
How Robert Pattinson Got Ripped For The Batman | 51:09
How Natalie Portman Got Ripped For Thor: Love And Thunder | 57:22
How Melissa Benoist Got Ripped For Supergirl | 1:01:02
How Zazie Beetz Got Ripped To Play Domino In Deadpool | 1:11:12
How Jared Leto Got Ripped For Morbius | 1:14:19
How Margot Robbie Got Ripped For Birds Of Prey | 1:18:10
How Anthony Mackie Got Ripped To Play The Falcon | 1:25:00
How Kumail Nanjiani Got Ripped For The Eternals | 1:34:44
How The Cast Got Ripped For Avengers: Endgame | 1:44:12

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