Movie Content Plus Video How These MCU Characters Can Come Back To Life

How These MCU Characters Can Come Back To Life

It’s always tough to say goodbye to our favorite characters. Sure, it’s all a work of fiction, but these characters truly mean something to us which makes saying goodbye oftentimes heartbreaking. I mean, I’m not the only one who still tears up thinking about Iron Man snapping his fingers and declaring that he is Iron Man? And I’m even more sad now watching the Hawkeye Disney+ show knowing that it’s because of Natasha’s sacrifice that Clint gets to even have this Christmas adventure in the first place! But also, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget. This is the MCU! And it’s based on Marvel comics that famously always bring back deceased characters. Like everyone has passed away at some point or another, but always find a way to come back.

So the question becomes, could that happen in the MCU? Well… maybe. Yes the actors playing these parts are now much older and come with a lot of baggage, but also, the MCU likes making money so I would say never say never. So that’s what today’s video is all about. I’m going to be discussing some of our favorite deceased characters like Iron Man, Black Widow, Killmonger and even Ultron to discuss the best way for these characters to come back to the MCU.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Iron Man
2:49 Killmonger
4:57 Black Widow
6:15 Ultron
7:38 Quicksilver
9:07 Thanos
10:15 The Warriors Three
11:10 Ego
11:58 The Ancient One
12:45 Vision
13:28 Odin
14:06 Yondu

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