Movie Content Plus Video How Phase 4 Set Up The Multiverse Saga

How Phase 4 Set Up The Multiverse Saga

Phase 4 has officially wrapped with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and now that this Phase is complete, it’s time to look back and discuss what worked and what didn’t. I’ve seen a lot of discussion talking about how Phase 4 felt a little aimless in its focus, especially as the beginning Phase to the Multiverse Saga. Yes, the Multiverse was teased in a few projects here and there but it never actually felt like the focus. And while that may have confused and irked some, letting the Multiverse take the back seat allowed for another unifying theme to take centerstage: Processing Grief and Coping with Loss.

And while that may sound a little dour for the MCU, I would argue that this is actually a great theme for Phase 4 and actually sets up the Multiverse Saga perfectly. It seems like all the movies dealt with loss in one way or another, with a lot of main characters having to say goodbye to loved ones. And while they work through that grief over the next few years, they’re about to be confronted with the idea of the Multiverse, where theoretically, there’s a world out there with their loved ones still alive. What will people like Spider-Man, Thor, Shang-Chi, and the new Black Panther do when they realize that alternate versions of their lost loved ones exist. Will they try to be reunited with them to see them again? Will they realize that this alternate version isn’t the one they knew? It raises complicated questions and makes the Multiverse Saga incredibly exciting.

So join me today as I discuss how Phase 4 set up the Multiverse Saga. After you’re done, be sure to let me know your thoughts about Phase 4 in the comments below. And don’t forget to hit that big like and subscribe button as well for more awesome MCU content! Thanks for watching CBR! Let’s get started.



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0:36 Phase 4’s Unifying Theme
2:57 Setting Up the Multiverse Saga
4:38 What About Phase 5 and 6?

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