Movie Content Plus Video How Peter Quill’s Secret Siblings Can Defeat KANG in Secret Wars

How Peter Quill’s Secret Siblings Can Defeat KANG in Secret Wars

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special gave us the major reveal that Star-Lord and Mantis are brother and sister. But Ego had a LOT of kids, which makes you wonder…are there any other siblings around out there? In this video we break down who else could have been the love child of a celestial, and how this will defeat kang in Secret Wars.

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Written by Dod Seitz
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Randolf Nombrado

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The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special kept the spirit of the holidays alive by introducing some family drama in the MCU – when Mantis revealed she’s one of Ego’s children and Peter’s long-lost Sister. [clip, then play twin peaks music when peter finds out]

Now, we know from Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 that Ego laid more pipe than a John deere trencher, having relations with species from all across the universe.

[clip: Ego showing peter how many “species” he “grafted” his DNA with]

Now most of those siblings died and became a pile of skulls in Ego’s upper crust, but we can still logically assume that Peter has more siblings out there in the universe. But we think it’s possible that more characters in the MCU can turn out to be Peter’s half siblings. [yoda, there is another] And if this is the case, then Peter, mantis, and their mysterious third sibling could be the key to defeating kang the conqueror.

Doug: But how would we even know who his siblings are?

Excellent point Doug. If Mantis hadn’t flat-out told us, we’d probably never known they were related. BUT one thing we do know about Peter is his Celestial Connection – which gave him the ability to hold an Infinity Stone without dying. [Ego, “when I heard someone held an infinity stone…]

In Vol 2 – we know that Peter was the “only one” of his children with the celestial gene, but we also know that Yondu stopped bringing Ego his children when he became attached to Peter. Peter’s siblings would theoretically possess similar abilities. Heck, Mantis’s powers might be because she is part celestial. And there are quite a few people in the MCU who have displayed eithe rpowers–or a disposition to acquiring powers. So candidate number one–Monica Rambeau.

Doug: But Ego already has an earth kid.

Well, Ego claimed that Meredith was the first person that made him feel ‘love’; that doesn’t necessarily mean that she was his one and only.

In GotG Vol 2, Ego confirms that he visited Terra 3 times, and on that final visit, he infected Meredith Quill with the brain tumor that would cost took her life. [Clip: Peter seeing his mom die]

This leaves the … “activities”… of Ego’s 1st and 2nd visits open to some very spicy speculation. According to the MCU timeline, Monica and Peter were both born in the early 80’s, meaning that Ego and Maria easily could’ve met before or amidst Ego’s meeting with Meredith. [Clip: Maria & Carol in Captain Marvel walking together on the tarmac]

Monica has been the only person to traverse Wanda’s CMBR hex successfully – for reasons that have yet to be explained. Not only was she completely unharmed, but her body absorbed the energy to become a living conduit. Sounds a little celestial to me! [clip Wandavison]

Doug: Oh, wow! I can see that!

Honestly, there are a ton of characters who could possibly be related to Peter Quill, like the time traveling god of mischief himself–

Doug: Cousin cody form step by step?

No Doug – Loki!

Doug: What? Loki can’t be ego’s kid. He’s already got two dads.

Right, wll we know Loki was adopted by Odin and that he is the son of Laufey, the Frost Giant.[ Clip: Laufey Thor 1] Now, we don’t know how Frost Giants reproduce, and we’ve only seen male Frost Giants in the MCU.

[ Clip: Korg and Dwane from TL&T] We know there are species in the MCU that can reproduce with the same gender – and that in Norse mythology, Frost Giants reproduce by breaking off a piece of themselves and breathing life into it. If Ego was attempting to breed with Frost Giants, he could have been part of that creation ritual, making it entirely possible that Ego is Loki’s second father.

Doug: My man has daddy issues on top of daddy issues. That’s the MCU for you. [high five]

Right? Plus – he has abilities that no other Frost Giant has. Supposedly, Loki was taught Asgardian magic by his mother Frigga – BUT what if she recognized Loki’s celestial connection, so she taught him magic so he could hide the true origin of his powers? It’s definitely Asgardian-like behavior. Maybe Loki Season 2 could give us some answers.

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