How Kevin Costner Went From Outcast Child To Yellowstone’s John Dutton

Kevin Costner has been a Hollywood star for decades, and you may very well have never lived in a world where he wasn’t already an A-lister. But there was, in fact, a time prior to the career of Kevin Costner, and he had to find a way to make it in Hollywood just like every other actor. We’ll trace Costner’s story from its very beginnings, when he didn’t even know if he wanted to pursue acting. From there, it wasn’t a straight shot to the top. Instead, Costner had to try different kinds of roles, and convince the industry that he could carry a film, rather than simply being one player among many. This is how Kevin Costner became a Hollywood star.

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An outcast child | 0:00
He loved movies | 1:16
Wanting to tell stories | 2:08
Richard Burton encouraged him | 3:01
Early days in Hollywood | 4:05
Landing his first roles | 5:08
Starring in Silverado | 6:09
The Untouchables | 7:16
No Way Out | 8:18
A lot of baseball movies | 9:37
Winning an Oscar | 10:38

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