How AHSOKA Will Connect to the KNIGHTS OF REN!

How AHSOKA Will Connect to the KNIGHTS OF REN!

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Ahsoka is finally getting her own live-action TV series, and the trailers have revealed mysterious new villains wielding orange lightsabers. So who are they? We dove deepm into the lore of the comics and sequel trilogy, and we think we’re about to see the origins of the Knights of Ren–ancient space Vikings that turned Ben Solo to the Dark Side.

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Written by Dodson Seitz
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Brianna McLarty, and Lee Mazzio

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Ahsoka is almost here we think it’s entirely possible this show COULD be connected to the origins of Adam Driver’s best Star Wars character.

Doug: Matt the radar technician?

Okay, second best – Kylo Ren!

In fact – The Knights of Ren could be the very key to bringing Thrawn back to the known universe – but to understand ANY of that, we need to talk about who they are, where they came from, and why they exist in the first place.[clip]

Now Dave Filloni has done a really great job of expanding the lore between the original trilogy and the sequels, and Ahsoka looks to be no exception. The Knights of Ren were barely seen in the sequel movies, but they have some incredible lore that really builds Kylo into a better character. [clip]

And there’s a chance that we could see the beginnings of that character-building in Ahsoka. So the Knights of Ren are a group of dark-side-using marauders from the Unknown Regions.

Doug: What do you mean by “unknown regions?”

Well, in the Star Wars universe, only a portion of their galaxy is “known” space. There is a vast swath of the galaxy that’s “unknown”. It’s super difficult to travel to because thousands of years ago there was some kind of natural disaster that damaged hyperspace–so normal hyperdrives cannot navigate all of the weird anomalies. But this is the region where Thrawn is from, and where Ezra and Thrawn have warped off to at the end of SW rebels… but more on that later

In many ways, the Knights of Ren are like “anti-mandos”. They’re space Vikings that adhere to a specific moral code which they call “the ren”.

Doug: Ioooh, what’s “the Ren”

It’s a few things. It’s the name of the group’s – original – leader, but it’s also the name of his lightsaber AND the group’s founding philosophy. [clip]

The nature of “the Ren,” is that of a lightsaber – It has no conscience, no morality, it just exists to cut and burn. It’s been used by Jedi and Sith alike to do both good and bad things.[clip]

So their code is that there is no code. Which is Ironic because they still have some pretty hard-line beliefs. For starters, to be a knight you must be force-sensitive in some way and have a connection to the dark side of the force. Something they refer to this as being “strong in the shadow.”

Ren – the leader – was the one most devoted to “the ren”, and was obsessed with the concept of “a good death”

Doug: isnt death like … always… a bad thing?

No–many cultures believe that there are honorable ways to die – like the Samurai – which inspired much of Star Wars lore.

However, the Idea of an honorable death in samurai culture was seppuku, a ritualistic self-induced “un-aliving” that was meant to rob the enemy of victory. The Knights view “a good death” with a bit more … nuance.[clip]

Their ideas seem more rooted in Norse mythology, where a “good death” against a “worthy opponent” granted you a seat in Valhalla. Similarly, in order to join the Knights of Ren, you have to facilitate a good death against a worthy opponent or a family member in order to prove your loyalty. [clip]

Doug: Wow, they really are space Vikings

They really are, and they have just as intimidating of a reputation! Under Ren, they were very active in the imperial Era and even aligned themselves with Qui’ra and the Crimson Dawn.

Yes!- at the end of Solo we see her meeting up with Maul, who is the leader of the criminal syndicate known as the Crimson Dawn. [clip]

After Maul’s death, she leads the group on a crusade to take out Palpatine and recruits the Knights of Ren to help trap the emperor and Vader in a special sith-proof cage.

However, the Knights were worried about Palpatine’s retaliation if things went wrong, so they bailed at the last minute.[clip]

Doug: So where does Adam Driver fit into all this?

Well, not too much is known about the Knights directly after the fall of the Empire, but we do know sometime around 28 ADY – Luke Skywalker and Ben Solo fought off the Knights of Ren when they were trying to invade a Jedi outpost on (elF – rona).

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