Movie Content Plus Entertainment HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Explained: What Really Happened During Aegon’s Conquest

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Explained: What Really Happened During Aegon’s Conquest

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Explained: What Really Happened During Aegon’s Conquest. We breakdown and explained how Aegon The Conqueror took over Westeros and how it set the stage for House Of The Dragon. This covers the opening of Fire And Blood and also goes over the things that appear in that show.

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Okay. So House of the Dragon deals with a feuding family and the question of whether a woman can take over an esteemed family legacy. So like succession with dragons. But with this video, we’re going back to where it all began. Throughout it, we’re going to be breaking down the ultimate chad, the top G of Westeros, Aegon the Conqueror.

Don’t turn off the video. It’s going to get better, I promise. His dream is mentioned a lot throughout the series, and for those not in the know, he traveled to Westeros because he saw a world for the taking. There were unlimited riches and because he had dragons, he saw it as being something that he could easily conquer. Now, according to this secret pass from King to King, Aegon foresaw the end of the world of men seemingly protecting the coming of the night.

King. To combat this, he believed a Targaryen had to be sitting on the Iron Throne, which is why Aegon let his dragons and sisters in order to conquer Westeros. But he was Aegon. And how did he come to unify the different kingdoms of Westeros under no one throne? Well, that’s what we’re going to be breaking down. And if you enjoy the video, please hit the thumbs up button.

And don’t forget to subscribe to breakdowns like this every day. By the way, thank you for clicking this. Now let’s get into egg on the concrete. Aegon was born in Dragonstone 20 BCE. This was during the Century of Blood, which followed the doom of malaria. You might have heard the terms BC and AC bandied about a house of the Dragons breakdowns, and the latter stands for After Conquest, whereas B.C. means before.

The book Fire and Blood opens by detailing the dates of this. And truthfully, we don’t know the exact specific time the AC began as the conquest wasn’t done in the day. However, it gives us a rough time as to when Egg En arrived and changed Westeros. The Targaryen Lords had fled to Dragonstone prior to the doom of Ellaria and a Danish.

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