HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Episode 4 Breakdown: Easter Eggs and Ending Explained

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House of the Dragon explores the lore of Game of Thrones, further explaining the prophecy of “The Prince Who was Promised. Now we know for sure that the Prince was Jon Snow…or daenerys…or both. But in the present day, Rhaenry is decided what kind of ruler she will want to be. Will she follow the path of her beloved uncle daemon? Or be on the straight and narrow, like her friend Allicent?

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Written by Brian Silliman
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Srinidhi Rao, and Ethan Lavinsky

#HouseOfTheDragon #EasterEggs

Rhaenyra is on a tour of Westeros, but it’s not to see the sights. Despite King Viserys now having a male heir in the form of young Prince Aegon II, Rhaenyra is still the heir to the Iron Throne. Her life is not her own, and she is expected to choose a husband.

The very first thing we see is Rhaenyra fingering the Valyrian steel necklace that her uncle Daemon gave her in the premiere. She does this as a line of suitors wait fo r her, and right away we see how what Rhaenyra is expected to do clashes with what her heart really wants. As the heir, she has to be responsible… which is completely at odds with the side of her that wants to just ride her dragon into battle like her Uncle Daemon.

Giving her council in this scene is Boremund Baratheon, Lord of Storm’s End and head of House Baratheon in this time period. The Baratheons and Targaryens have been close for a while, with Orys Baratheon serving as the very first Hand of the King under Aegon the Conquerer. Boremund is the cousin of Rhaenys, the Queen Who Never Was. This is likely why he asked for her favor during the Tournament in the premiere.

As you’ll remember, a Baratheon will eventually end the reign of House Targaryen. [GOT- Robert Baratheon “Breastplate stretcher]

We can’t confirm it, but due to him advising Rhaenyra the bleak look of the hall, and the ongoing sound of storms outside, we think that this scene is taking place in Storm’s End.

On line we can see members of House Hightower as well as House Tully. The old Lord Dondarrion of Blackhaven, in the middle of his attempt at wooing, mentions “Dornish incursions.” These were continuing problems for Aegon the Conquerer and almost every Targaryen since.

Lord Dondarrion has to pause for a drink, which gives Rhaenyra a chance to trade glances with the far sexier Ser Criston Cole. If she wasn’t a princess, these two would probably have gotten it on in the woods in Episode 3. Something that further loads this look is the fact that Ser Criston is the son of Lord Dondarrion’s steward.

Lord Dondarrion mentions a visit from Queen Alysanne, who was the wife of King Jaehaerys I, the King before Viserys that we see briefly in the premiere. She was also a dragonrider who flew on a dragon named Silverwing. In the book A Feast for Crows, Samwell Tarly recalls how Jaehaerys and Alysanne once visited the Wall, and he wonders if Silverwing may have left an egg there.

Queen Alysanne was Rhaenyra’s great grandmother, and the visit that is being talked about was a century ago. This man is too old for Rhaenyra’s taste, and he ends up being laughed at. Lord Baratheon calls her on it, and this is something to remember.

Doug: Dondarrion, that sounds familiar.

Yes, because we’ve met another Dondarrion before. This guy [lights up sword.]

The next contender is a kid, so we go from one extreme to the next. He’s a member of House Blackwood, and mentions how his house helped Aegon I in his conquering of Westeros. He gets mocked for this, but he isn’t wrong; one of the families of the Riverlands, they assisted Aegon early on, including his fight against Harren the Black. Harren the black had the largest castle in Westeros, Harrenhall, and after Aegon;s dragons attacked it became the burned out husk we saw in episode 1.

So, it was Aegon’s dragon Balerion who settled that fight and not House Blackwood, so the kid deserved a good ribbing [getting laughed at]. The Baratheon suitor knows that his house played a much larger role in the conquest.

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