HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Episode 1 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review & Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Episode 1 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review, Easter Eggs, Theories And More. We break down the first episode of the Game Of Thrones prequel, covering the characters and families involved, The Fire and Blood book and the Targaryen lineage, Viserys, the Iron Throne, The Jousting Competition, The Heir to the Throne and so much more, lets jump right into it!

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0:00 House Of The Dragon Episode 1 Breakdown
1:41 Characters Explained, The Fire and Blood book, Targaryen lineage, Viserys, the Iron Throne, The Heir to the Throne Breakdown
20:08 Competition and Outro

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul aka George RR Spoilins and this video we’re breaking down the Game Of Thrones Prequel House Of The Dragon. The new HBO Show is packed with easter eggs, callbacks and a lot of big characters that we’re gonna be analysing in this video.

The entire series is based on the final third part of Fire And Blood which tells the tale of the Targaryen lineage all duking it out to take their place on the Iron Throne. As we know come Game Of Thrones, the entire House was left almost extinct and this series will be talking about how the house of cards came crashing down.

Beginning at Chapter 12’s Heirs Of The Dragon, the original work recounts all the ins and outs of the family tree and it basically gives the idea – if you want to be happy living a kings life, never make a pretty neice your wife.

Now whether you’ve read it or not doesn’t really matter as this breakdown will be covering it all and after becoming an expert on it last night…what did no one else do the reading? I’m here to give you the ins and outs on every single character. Because of this there might be some spoilers but I promise you that I’ll not give away any of the big twists or deaths in this video, I just wanna really use the book to add some insight to the characters.

If you’ve read it then you’ll know that it mores like a text book rather than being a story and because of this it’s a bit of a slog to get through.

There’s massive pages that basically just list character names, talk about them for a bit and then that’s it. However it actually gives the series a massive advantage as it means that they can pick certain sections and expand on them massively. They have a few plot points that they have to stick to but beyond that they can go wild with it and it leads to this being such a good first episode.

This show takes place roughly 172 years before the death of the Mad King and the birth of Daenerys.

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