Movie Content Plus Video House of Gucci: 15 Things You Missed

House of Gucci: 15 Things You Missed


The House of Gucci is here, and like with any movie based on a true story, there’s a lot of embellishment to give it that Hollywood shine. There’s also a lot going on behind the scenes with Lady Gaga delivering a blow out performance as Patrizia Reggiani, staying in-character for nine whole months, which also meant staying in-accent.

Maurizio Gucci as a real person needed a bit of sprucing up for the film, so they augmented his character a bit, made him more likeable. For instance, in the film they show him working for Patrizia’s father’s company, which he never did. But for the movie it gave him a bit of a blue collar start, so he could have as long as a journey to cold rich guy as possible. Also Patrizia, The Black Widow, never worked a day in her life, as she said when they offered her parole if she would just do a work exchange program.

And there’s not as much Gucci in the movie as you would think for a Lady Gaga fashion movie vehicle. At the time the movie takes place, Gucci didn’t do much clothing, it was mostly accessories, shoes, luggage and handbags. And their clothes were all brown or tweed, which didn’t fit the tone of the film according to Janet Yates, the costume designer.

And then there’s Jared Leto. If you didn’t see any trailers, boy do we have a surprise for you.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Maurizio Never Worked for Patrizia’s Father
1:55 – Maurizio Always Wanted to Work for Gucci
2:43 – Jared Leto is in this??
3:27 – Lady Gaga The Method Actor
5:07 – Multiple Camera Angles Per Scene
6:11 – Maurizio And Patrizia Had TWO Kids
6:31 – Patrizia Had A Brain Tumor
7:42 – Lady Gaga Did Not Meet The Black Widow
8:11 – Not Much Gucci
9:04 – Paulo’s Smaller Launch
9:28 – Who Really Forged The Signature?
9:53 – A Power Couple That Works
10:28 – It Took 20 Years
11:15 – Italians Speaking English With Italian Accents
11:46 – The Gucci’s Are Not Happy

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