Movie Content Plus Video Hawkeye Is Terrified Of These Villains

Hawkeye Is Terrified Of These Villains

Clint Barton gets far too little respect.

So many people just see the archer with the quiver full of trick arrows as a supporting player in one of comicdom’s most well known superhero teams, who just gets to stick around so they don’t look like a bunch of elitist superpowered jerks. But while Clint may not be on the front lines of every single encounter with any old galactic conqueror come to make life miserable for Earth’s superheroes, he has nonetheless been an Avenger since the early 1960ies,and nobody gets to stick around for that long without building up a bit of a superhero career of their own.

With a new Disney Plus series coming out very soon, which will be based on the highly acclaimed run written by Matt Fraction back in 2012 and has also been confirmed to feature at least a few of the archer’s ow comic book rogues as well as his protegé Kate Bishop, there is no better time to take a closer look at the villains Clint has taken down with his trusty bow over the decades. Be they equally skilled bowmen, mercenaries with their own agendas, demonically powered crime lords or mad hypnotist circus ringmasters or other supervillains’ vain daughters, Barton’s enemies are nothing to sneeze at, and one can only hope we’ll get to see even more of them in the series proper – or in a potential Season 2 or Kate Bishop movie. Because come on. Obviously we ALL want more Kate Bishop in our lives.

Please let us know any Hawkeye enemies you think we may have missed in the comments below!

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Swordsman
02:03 – Taskmaster
03:17 – The Clown
04:44 – Trickshot I & II
06:23 – The Ringmaster and the Circus of Crime
07:38 – Madame Masque
08:58 – Crossfire
10:12 – The Hood
11:28 – Bullseye
12:56 – Baron Helmut Zemo

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