Movie Content Plus Video Harry Potter Marathon

Harry Potter Marathon

Seven books, eight movies, and thousands of pages of story — and that’s not counting all the spinoffs. For millions of readers and watchers, "Harry Potter" is nothing short of a modern classic. Join us for a cozy marathon as we revisit the books and movies from every angle you can possibly imagine.

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Things You Only Notice About Harry Potter As An Adult | 0:00
The Ending Of Harry Potter Finally Explained | 6:40
Small Details That Only Die-Hard Harry Potter Fans Understand | 15:12
Here’s Why These Harry Potter Actors Got Replaced | 25:03
Harry Potter Fan Theories That Change Absolutely Everything | 30:01
What Happened To Moaning Myrtle From Harry Potter | 40:59
Why Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint Didn’t Want To Kiss Emma Watson | 46:57
Things That Make Absolutely No Sense About Harry Potter | 50:30
Actors Who Turned Down Huge Roles In Harry Potter | 56:33
What Happened To Dolores Umbridge From Harry Potter? | 1:01:20
Harry Potter Storylines That Disappeared Without Explanation | 1:07:13

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