GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Volume 3 | The Major Thing Everyone Missed With The High Evolutionary

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Volume 3 | The Major Thing Everyone Missed With The High Evolutionary. We breakdown the ending stampede scene of GOTG Vol 3 and talk about the big thing everyone missed that confirms the High Evolutionary is still alive. This contains easter eggs, hidden details and a reaction to what James Gunn said about the end scene. We also talk about how this could tie in with Kang, Loki Season 2 and give our general thoughts on Echo.

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Welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Paul aka your friendly neighbourhood spoilers man and this video we’re breaking down a big reveal at the end of guardians of the galaxy volume 3.

Throughout this video we’re gonna be going over the major thing everyone missed about one of the ending scenes which has now been cleared up by James Gunn and one of the VFX artists. The movie has a lot of things going on with it and this confirms the fate of one of the characters who there’s still question marks over.

It’s difficult to title stuff like this and do thumbnails that dont ruin things but I’m still gonna drop a spoiler warning incase you haven’t managed to see it. With Gunn talking about it openly on Twitter I think it might be fair game but yeah back out now if you’ve still not seen it.

With that out the way huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into guardians of the galaxy volume 3.

So first up huge shoutouts to the who unearthed this. They do a lot of great reporting on marvel stuff and you should definitely go and check them out on twitter.

Now to give some context the movie ends with The High Evolutionary being beat by the guardians during the big face off…that led to the face off.

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