Movie Content Plus Video Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special BREAKDOWN: Every Easter Egg + Vol 3 Theories

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special BREAKDOWN: Every Easter Egg + Vol 3 Theories

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is an old-fashioned Christmas special that has some major reveals in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mantis is Peter’s sister. The Guardians bought Knowhere. And Cosmo the Space Dog is finally in the Guardians!

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Srinidhi Rao

#GuardiansOfTheGalaxy #HolidaySpecial #EasterEggs

Because Doug, this is in the style of the old time Christmas specials on TV. where a celebrity like bing crosby would be in a house, and entertaining celebrity guests as they stopped by. Even the box of kevin bacon seemed like a callback to this [clip]

Christmas specials are always a little goofy, have a ridiculous premise, and are filled with Christmas music. Check, check, and check.

The easter eggs start in the opening credits, first notice that the special presentation graphic has a shortened version of the marvel theme [clip]. And the marvel studios logo always begins with comics before transitioning into scripts and movie images, to show that the comics are the source material for the films. So the comics in this episode are all from marvel comics christmas issues. [:30] INcluding this one, X-Men 143, where kitty pryde has to fight off an n’garai demon in the x-mansion when she’s left alone at christmas. The n’garai are the same demons that served wanda in multiverse of madness

The song that opens and ends the special is call fairytale of Ny, and it is a massive, table christmas song in the united kingdom. It’s about people locked in a drunk tank, singing christmas carols, and the cops join in, and everyone has a merry christmas. A song about unruly misfits making their own christmas cheer is exactly what happens in this episode.

Now the hoenig flashback, to me, looks rotoscoped. This is an ancient style where artists draw over filmed footage. It was popularized by Ralph Bakshi in the 1970s, and there’s a whole Lord of the Rings movie in this style that people have just forgotten about, even though it’s great.

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When yondu enters, he says [clip]. Now the colors of Ogord were first mentioned here in GOTG 2 [stallone to yondu]. So in that movie, Stalline plays Stakar Ogord, the leader of the Ravagers. And the colors of Ogord refer to the funeral lights we see at the end of the movie. [Sean Gunn yes!] Still gets to me.

I love the fine details in this animation, like how the tree is decorated with spare parts from the ravager ship. So the episode begins with yondu apparently ruining the christmas, raising the stakes for peter to have his first real christmas since he left earth.

Mantis mentions [sad since gamora left].

Doug: But I thought Gamora died in avengers: infinity war.

She did, that’s right. But, remember, in avengers endgame a version of gamora from 2014 traveled into 2023, where she briefly met the guardians [hit peter in the balls]. While this version of Gamora did turn away from Thanos, she lacks all of the backstory with the guardians, and din;t join the team in thor: Love and thunder.

IN the present we find out that the guardians bought Knowhere from the collector. Yourememberthat knowhere is the severed head of a celestial that was featured heavily in the first movie. This was the headquarters of the collector that was damaged in guardians 1 [clip]. And thanos devastated this entire place in infinity war [clip].

So the guardians purchasing kow where is actually huge for a number of reasons. ONe, it means that the collector is alive, because they bought it from him. Two, it means that the guardians have saved up all the money they made gigging around the galaxy [IW, pay is some cheddar]. And now they have bought a place that is a bustling galactic hub. Knowhere is actually a huge industry, because people mine the brain fluid of the dead celestial. Got theory on how that ties in with mantis that I’ll go into a bit.

It places the guardians ina oher grow up, authoritative position. We see Peter signing forms, being an administrator. The rogue has grown up like Lando Calrissian. [lando complaining to han in esb]

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