GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 4 – New Team and Venom Connection EXPLAINED

Guardians of the Galaxy 4 is probably goiming to the MCU. But what can we expect from Marvel? Will the movie have the same team we met in the movie? Apart from Rpcket, Groot, Adam warlock, Phylla, Cosmo, and Kraglin–we think Nova, Silver Sufer, and Agent Venom could join the team too!

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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Ok we have a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy after vol 3, and we’re going to explain this new cosmic team.

Rocket Racoon is the leader – and captain – of these new guardians.

Other than Rocket and Groot, there are 5 new members in this team.

So let’s do a full breakdown of every new guardian, and what will be their future after vol 3.

Also, I’m going to tell you about some other cosmic heroes that might join the Guardians of the Galaxy in the future, some of them are already in the MCU and others will be major cosmic heroes in the future.

Alright, before we breakdown the new members, let’s first go over the original members.

Starting with Rocket Racoon. He’s the new leader of the guardians of the galaxy. Or I shall we call him the captain?

I won’t go into the whole near-death experience Rocket had in vol 3, because we already did a full breakdown of this scene in our ending explained video.

But was it heaven? Divine intervention? A simulation? Or did it all happen in his head?
Doesn’t matter.

What’s important is how this experience changed Rocket. He accepted who he really is. He confronted his maker/tormentor, and he’s free to forge a new path for himself. And this new path is leading the guardians of the galaxy.

And in case you doubt his leadership skills for…[confused pause] some reason.
Let me remind you that Rocket has been a guardian longer than anyone else.

The entire team was wiped out in Infinity War. Four of them got dusted and Gamora was thrown off a magic cliff.
Only Rocket survived.

Doug: but what about Nebula?

True, Nebula survived as well.
But at the time, she wasn’t an official guardian. Nebula only became a full member post-snap.

So Rocket has the most seniority among the guardians.

In addition, Rocket and Nebula held down the fort during those 5 years of the snap. A very difficult time in the galaxy.

And they also formed an alliance with the heroes on Earth.

Also, Rocket proved that he’s the real captain when giving Thor some really good pep talks in Infinity War and Endgame.

It’s not Rocket’s fault that the older Thor gets, the dumber and more fragile baby he becomes.

So Rocket has the experience and the ability to lead the new guardians.

And he’s also an adoptive father to Groot.

Doug: Why’s that?

Well in case you didn’t know the Groot who sacrificed himself in vol 1, died for real.

Baby Groot is his offering. And since Rocket took care of him since he was just a twig, that makes him his dad.

And Groot grew up to be a very big boy. He went from being Swoole Groot to Colossal Groot.

Doug: so how did he get so big?

Well, I actually have a cool theory about that.

We don’t know much about the origins of older Groot. But in the comics, Groot grew up on Planet X, that’s the home planet of his species.

That means that his size was restricted by the gravity of his world. Baby Groot on the other hand grew up on a ship. So without the strong forces of gravity, Groot’s body can grow much bigger than his father’s.

Well, it’s either that or I guess it’s an alien tree and that’s all the explanation you need.

Also Groot can fly now.

Doug: and he’s also Spider-Groot

That’s right. And he regrows his body really fast after losing most of it in the fight with Adam.
And that could also explain why he’s so massive now that I’m not sure if he can even fit the guardians’ ship at this point, he’s even bigger than the freaking Hulk. He’s like the Ents from The Two Towers.

Actually, Groot sort of looks like King Groot now.

Doug: wait Groot is a king?

Well you see, in the comics there was an evil version of Groot, decades before the more lovable Groot was introduced.

Back in Tales to Astonish #13, that’s the ancient times of the 60s, Groot looked like this. That’s King Groot, an evil alternate version of our favorite tree guy.

Another version of King Groot also appears in the fighting game Contest of Champions.
This one became a galactic warlord who experiments on humans.

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