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The Guardians of the Galaxy Super Bowl trailer gave us our first great look at the New Gamora, Adam Warlock, and the harrowing details of Rocket’s past. In this video we break down every MCU reference and how this movie plays into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Sean Martin, Brianna McLarty, and Randolf Nombrado

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So we open with Rocket walking in to see Peter Quill in a bar on Knowhere. Remember, in the guardians of the galaxy holiday special, we saw that the guardians were finally growing up. They bought Knowhere from the collector.

Doug: So they bought nothing?

No, Knowhere is the giant severed head of a celestial from guardians volume 1.

Doug: Yeah, I knew that. I know lots of stuff. Lansing is the capital of Detroit.

It’s… never mind. So the guardians are now using Knowhere as their base of operations like it was in the comics. And we even see Peter doing administrative tasks, filling out forms, etc. So like lando, the scoundrel has become a respectable citizen [lando, supply problems, etc].

Aso in the special we saw that Peter was depressed over losing gamora. Remember, to us, it’s been like 5 years since she died in infinity war, but to Peter, it’s been maybe a year? He was reunited with her, and then she popped him in the pills, twice [clip, fast edit].

So he’s sad and drinking, even though recently found out that mantis is his half-sister. We see him with an empty bottle of space whiskey that looks an awful lot like a bottle of johnny walker. Notice the cool production design details on this place, like how the bar speakers are an orb of speakers hanging from the ceiling. Looks familiar and otherworldly at once, very cool.

He begins the narration, re-introducing himself [I’m star lord]. Next, we see this shot of him, in a tee shirt, firing away at his pistols. So because he’s wearing a tee shirt, I’m gonna bet this is from an attack on Knowhere, maybe even when he’s hungover from a bender. Later we see Adam Warlock fighting the guardians in Knowhere, so it would make sense if this was Peter fending off that attack.

Doug: What’s Adam warlock?

Well, I’ll explain that in full later, and how warlock fits in perfectly with the villain of this movie, the High Evolutionary, and the theme of perfection vs imperfection.

Next, we see the guardians walking together, which –they always have posed well together, haven’t they? Notice that now they are all wearing official ravager uniforms. And this is interesting because the ravagers are a criminal syndicate–but maybe they’ve changed their ways. So in one of the guardians’ post-credits scenes, Sylvester Stallone assembled the original guardians from the comics, maybe hinting that the ravagers would begin working to help people.

The uniforms also have the added bonus of allowing Dave Bautista to conceal his belly, because he said that working out to become Drax was getting way too hard as he became older. Fair enough.


You’ll also notice that, as we saw in the holiday special, Groot is now swole. Because this is not the same Groot we met in guardians one. That little twig the guardians raised is a whole new being–unlike his dad, he grew up broad-shouldered. And of course, we have another member returning from the dead–gamora.

Except this Gamra has a deeper connection to the multiverse saga. Remember, she traveled from 2014 to this timeline with her father Thanos, before betraying him–again. So this gamora is a woman out of time, and from another universe. And this could make her a key figure in avengers: Secret wars.

Dr. Strange and the multiverse of madness introduced us to the idea of incursions. Basically, whenever characters dream-walk to other universes, they cause universes to collide and be destroyed. And we already saw the spell in spider-man no way home went awry and threatened to collide universes.

And now Gamora is a rogue element, roaming around this universe. If the TVA were still in existence, maybe she would have even been pruned. I think it’s very cool how, even in this seemingly standalone movie, there are still ties to the larger stories being told in phases 4, 5, and 6.

As Peter says [I met a girl]. And this is interspersed with shots of Gamora and Peter dancing in Guardians one. Which also ended in violence [clip]. Now notice these flashbacks are filtered with a kind of hazy glow. This could be because they’re giving us the dream-like quality of a flashback.

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