Gross Things Actors Had To Actually Do For A Role

Everybody loves a method actor — someone who goes above and beyond to inhabit a character and give the audience a performance that’s real and affecting. Sometimes this means answering only to the character’s name onset and off; other times, however, it means eating a whole bunch of live bugs. This is the sort of method acting we’re interested in, and we’ll examine the work of Nicolas Cage, Halle Berry, and a whole bunch of other A-listers, past and present, to find the most vile actions undertaken in the pursuit of art. We don’t recommend that you watch this video while eating, unless cockroaches are your meal of choice. These are gross things actors had to actually do for a role.

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Halle Berry | 0:00
Nicolas Cage | 1:30
Rosamund Pike | 3:13
Matt Damon | 4:33
Leonardo DiCaprio | 5:44
John Leguizamo | 7:06
Shia LaBeouf | 8:01
Christian Bale | 9:39
Tony Todd | 11:10
Nicole Kidman | 12:38
Joaquin Phoenix | 14:18
Michelle Pfeiffer | 15:42

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