Godzilla Monarch Trailer 2023: Godzilla X Kong Easter Eggs Breakdown

Godzilla Monarch Trailer 2023: Godzilla X Kong Easter Eggs Breakdown

Godzilla Monarch Trailer 2023 Legacy Of The Monsters. Godzilla X Kong Trailer Crossover Easter Eggs, Godzilla and Kong Teamup, New Titans, Monarch Episodes & Ahsoka Episode 5 ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Covering new Godzilla Monarch Legacy Of The Monsters Trailer and Episodes Explained. Monsterverse Godzilla Movies Crossover Breakdown. Kurt Russell, Wyatt Russell, 1950s Godzilla and Titans, Present Day Godzilla X Kong and Monsterverse Movies Connections and Plot Explained. There will be 10 Episodes, and it will finish releasing before Godzilla X Kong Movie is released in theaters.

Godzilla X Kong Trailer The New Empire 2024 Movie. Godzilla vs Kong Sequel. Kong and Godzilla Teamup vs a new Titan King in the Hollow Earth, threatening to take over the Earth. New Titan History Explained, Kong Origin and Godzilla Origin Explained. The history behind all the Titans. And how they were created. The origin of Skull Island. The Kong Throne in the Hollow Earth. And why Godzilla and Kong’s race became the protector of humans on the surface.

The movie will largely be a Hollow Earth based movie, after the Godzilla vs Kong Ending and Post Credit Scene where Monarch returned to the hollow earth to create a research base and start exploring more. And Kong moved back to the Hollow Earth. Encountering this new King Titan Orangutan.

And what their plans are long term for the monsterverse movies in the future. I’ll do more Godzilla X Kong Trailer videos when they release more footage!

Lots more Marvel Trailers coming Avengers 5 Kang Dynasty Trailer, Avengers 6 Secret Wars Trailer, The Marvels Trailer, Deadpool 3 Wolverine Trailer and more Fantastic Four Teasers!

My FULL Ahsoka Episode 5 video will post next week!

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