Movie Content Plus Video Glass Onion: 20 MORE Easter Eggs & Details You MISSED!

Glass Onion: 20 MORE Easter Eggs & Details You MISSED!


Benoit Blanc is back and he’s creating colloquialisms and strange similes left and right as he finds himself knee deep in another group of rich people behaving badly and taking advantage of someone. This time he finds himself in the Greek isles during lockdown trying to unpack the inner politics of a group of self described disruptors. A Governor trying to get in the senate, a tech innovator, a pair of influencers, and a charismatic but substance devoid figurehead who has none of the ideas but all of the money. The world famous detective shows up to solve not just their murder mystery dinner but also their actual murder. Like any good murder mystery it’s full of secrets and details that become easier to notice the more times you go through it. So since we’ve gone through it again we have a fresh batch of secrets to pull out of Netflix’s newest franchise with a third Knives Out installment set to fall Glass Onion that completed its one week in the theaters ahead of its December 23rd release on the streaming service Netflix. There’s fine arts. There’s Beatles references. There’s fine arts that are Beatles references. If you look carefully the movie will tell you everything you need to know to solve not only the mystery of who murdered whom but also the mystery of who these characters really are. What detail did you pick out and how many viewings deep did you have to go? Let us know in the comments and be sure to like and subscribe for the latest in your inbox.

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Cain’s Jawbone
1:15 – Miles Really is an Idiot
2:08 – Gillian Flynn
3:10 – Ethan Hawke
3:47 – Yo-Yo Ma
4:14 – Benoit’s Friends
5:08 – Duke
5:45 – Batman
6:19 – Disruptors
6:58 – Basquit
7:25 – Kanye
8:02 – Beatles Sculptures
9:05 – Bowie
9:26 – Trojan War
10:13 – Credits
10:45 – Baby Blue
12:07 – Gravity’s Rainbow
12:58 – Miles is the Worst
13:29 – Chandelier
13:53 – Derol

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Joey Criscitello
Edited by: Morgan Lui

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