Movie Content Plus Video Ghostbusters Afterlife: Ending And Post-Credit Scene Explained

Ghostbusters Afterlife: Ending And Post-Credit Scene Explained


The first adventure of the new generation of ghostbusters just dropped and we’re talking about the ending and the two post credit scenes because at this point, a movie has to have post credit scenes to be considered a blockbuster. Gotta milk the idea of continuing the franchise, anyway spoilers for the end of this movie that just came out.
The Ghostbusters are back and while the squad is a little younger than we might be used to, they’re definitely off to a good start. Now we just need to know if they’re going to be leveling up to the big city in their next adventure or if they’re going to be protecting Oklahoma which I have no problem with but like really, really.
Drop your ideas for where you’d like the franchise to go from here in the comments. Personally, I really like the idea of the new group of busters traveling around solving paranormal activities (no not the franchise) and instead of there being an overarching bad dude that they need to defeat, they could instead feel like they’re still in the shadow of the OG ghostbusters and the main struggle of the movie is them attempting to stand out from that shadow. Don’t forget to like and subscribe too, it really helps the individual creators and also if you love Sigourney Weaver too, also let me know because there needs to be more Sigourney Weaver content not only on the channel but just in life in general.

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – The Ending Explained
2:08 – Mid Credit Scene
2:48 – Post Credit Scene
3:42 – Where do the Ghostbusters go from here?

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