Movie Content Plus Video Ghostbusters Afterlife: 20 Things You Missed

Ghostbusters Afterlife: 20 Things You Missed


For better or worse, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is full of fan service. Some of these nods are seriously subtle Easter Eggs, some are very necessary references, since this is of course, a proper sequel! And since this is a sequel, there are some obvious callbacks to the original classic Ghostbusters from 1984 and 1989’s Ghostbusters II, including that beautiful ending bringing back someone we all miss. We also have a new cast that includes Paul Rudd (Grooberson), Mckenna Grace (Pheobe), Finn Wolfhard (Trevor), and Logan Kim (Podcast) who bring in a new generation of ghostbustin’ action and behind the scenes stories!

So whether it’s twinkies, ecto goggles, or surprise cameos, we’re here to tell you all about 20 things you may have missed in the much anticipated Ghostbusters sequel!

0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Twinkie
0:53 – Nestle Crunch Bar
1:08 – Toaster
1:32 – Staypuft
1:57 – Book Stacking
2:22 – Spores Moulds and Fungus
2:44 – Brainwave Scanner
3:05 – Ecto Goggles
3:31 – Tobin’s Spirit Guide
3:54 – Firefighter Pole
4:07 – Containment Grid
4:29 – Ecto-1
5:43 – Model Village
5:57 – Ivo Shandor
6:27 – Terror Dog Statue
6:47 – Tunguska Blast
7:33 – Zuul and Vince
8:03 – Gozer Banter
8:23 – Crossing The Streams
9:06 – Father-Son Kamehameha
9:50 – Outro

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