Movie Content Plus Video FROZEN 3 – Anna’s Marriage, Hans Strikes Back… Story Theories

FROZEN 3 – Anna’s Marriage, Hans Strikes Back… Story Theories

In today’s episode of our #KinoCheckOriginals we give you an overview of the best story theories for Frozen 3! | Subscribe ➤ | More episodes ➤ #KinoCheckOriginals
It will probably take a few more years until we can finally see "Frozen 3" in theaters. Nevertheless, several theories about the plot of the third film are already circulating, even though there is no footage and no official information available. Regardless of whether it’s about a love story, reunions you could do without, or spunky surprises: the fan theories truly cover it all.

00:00 Frozen 3 Story Theories
00:31 The Story So Far
01:40 Character Developments
03:01 Adventure or Lovestory?
04:32 The Queen of Fire
05:31 Hans Strikes Back
06:20 Wedding Time
07:05 Kristoff’s Family
08:07 Arendelle at War
08:51 Other Stories from Arendelle

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