Movie Content Plus Video FLASH Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown: Every BATMAN Easter Egg EXPLAINED

FLASH Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown: Every BATMAN Easter Egg EXPLAINED

Our Flash Super Bowl trailer breakdown is here! Use my code SCREENCRUSH to get $5 off your delicious, high protein Magic Spoon cereal by clicking this link: and grab a box of Birthday Cake to try today!

Our flash trailer breakdown is here!

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Written by Colton Ogburn (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Brianna McLarty, and Srinidhi Rao

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We’re going to break down all the Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck Batman goodness, All the alternate timelines and universes The Flash is traveling to. Superman’s cousin, Kara, aka Supergirl–and how this is all leading to the big reset of the DC Cinematic Universe. Let’s get nuts. [clip, Keaton, “you wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts.”]

So we got an official trailer plus a tv spot with some additional footage that we’re going to be breaking down as well. First I want to talk about the comics this story is likely based on, because that will inform what is happening in this trailer [w hat the hell is going on?]

So in the comics and in the DCEU, Barry’s mom was killed when he was a kid. If you saw the show the Flsh you probably remember this, she was killed by Barry’s nemy Eobard thawn fomr the future. His dad was accused of the cie and put in jail, which is why Barry goes to visit him in prisonin the Justice league.

Then, in a story called Flashpoint, Barry uses his super speed to travel back in time and saves her life. However, this makes all of these unforeseen change to the world–such as thomas wayne becoming batman instead of bruce. Barry did reset the universe, but with a few things now different. In the comics this became the rebooted universe called New 52, which gave us some great stories like the Court of Wowls and Grant Morrisino’s superman run–along with many other gret runs liek Wonder Woman and bbatgirl.

Doug: Stop talking comics, man, we wanna hear about the trailer…

Right, sorry. So we’re likely going to se Barry screw up time in this movie, and then reset the universe. And that reset universe will be the new DCU that James Gunn talked about a couple weeks ago [clip, flash reset].

Doug: But how does Barry travel back in time?

Well, a few different ways, The Snyder Cut had this scene where Barry bascialyl runs into the speed force and travels backward in time.

Doug: Oh yeah, it was the greatest all time film moment ever, according to the oscars.

Yeah. [awkward silence between the two of us]. But also, in the comics Barry can vibrate his molecules to a different frequency, which allows him to travel to different earths. And there is also a cosmic treadmill that allows him to travel between universes. And believe it or not, Zack Snyder set all of this up in batman vs superman: dawn ofJustice?

Doug: Say whaaaaat?

The scene where Bruce falls asleep, and then sees a vision of Barry [clip]. So remember in the snyder’s cuts weird epiolgue? That would have set ip a post apocalyptic sequel where superman turned evil and joned darkseid. So bruce invents this cosmic treadmill to send barry back in time with a warning. I think it’s possib;le that bruce created th same treadmill in this universe, to allow barry to travel through time.

So now, if Barry has now discovered the full potential of his powers, his ability to travel through time. It makes sense that he’d want to travel back in time to save his mother from dying and his father from wrongful imprisonment.

The trailer opens with Barry in a brand new suit equipped with fancy new lenses. Because let’s face it, when you’re traveling through time and space faster than the speed of light, dry eye is bound to happen.

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