Movie Content Plus Video Facts About Green Goblin You Might Not Know

Facts About Green Goblin You Might Not Know

The Green Goblin is arguably Spider-Man’s most famous villain, but you’d be surprised to learn how far the character’s story goes, both inside and out of the iconic green suit.

The main Green Goblin, Norman Osborn, has a history in Marvel Comics that extends well beyond the universe of Spider-Man — and sometimes he’s ended up in extremely strange situations, as both a villain and a hero. But Norman’s not the only Goblin — his son Harry suited up, but so did Dr. Bart Hamilton, Phil Urich, and even a genetically engineered creation of Norman Osborn himself.

There’s more to learn than you could chuck a pumpkin bomb at, so join us as we break down the facts about Green Goblin you might not know.

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Mystery of the Goblin | 0:00
The five Goblins | 1:41
Thunderbolts | 3:09
Avenger | 4:08
Iron Patriot | 4:59
Red Goblin | 5:58
Earth-44145 | 7:14
A real hero | 8:15
Silver screen | 9:25
A new universe | 10:33

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