Movie Content Plus Video Every Parody In The Boys Season 3

Every Parody In The Boys Season 3

The hype Train for the boys will not stop. Three seasons in, and this show continues to deliver some of the smartest societal superhero satire of all time. This season pulled no punches when spoofing superheroes, politics, and our corporate-controlled society as a whole. Like any great parody, it has an immense understanding and appreciation for the characters and concepts it’s making fun of. Let’s dissect some of the smartest spoofs of The Boys Season 3!


0:00 Intro
0:29 Performative Pride Month
1:17 The Summertime Soldier
2:22 Payback, Accumulate!
3:31 Imagine All the Sheeple
4:06 Carbonated Controversy
5:02 All Star Superjerk
6:12 Release The Bourke Cut
7:18 American Hero
8:21 Supersonic
9:34 Tots Not Tucker Carlson

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Written by: Joshua Clinton
Narrated by: Grant Kellett
Edited by: Morgan L

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