Movie Content Plus Video Enola Holmes 2: 20 Things You Missed

Enola Holmes 2: 20 Things You Missed


Enola Holmes returns to the Netflix streaming service with Enola Holmes 2. The younger sister of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill) is on a brand new case after opening her own Detective Agency. Millie Bobby Brown returns as the posh but precocious private eye, and Chris Goodmakers returns to break down the latest Netflix adventure. Check out the video to learn more about Enola Holmes journey to the big screen. As well as fun references to the cannon of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work. Plus Chris talks about the overly litigious Doyle estate, and how they hate it when Sherlock is nice for once. Plus David Thewlis joins the cast as the devious Inspector grail, and now he is here to test his wits against Enola and her friends.

Can Enola uncover the mystery of the kidnapped Match girl and it’s ties to the real life workers strike. Theres lots of references to history, and the pantheon of Sherlock Holmes. Plus there’s even a brand new Watson just in time for the credits to role. From Mira Troy to an Lord Tewksbury there’s a whole cast of characters to go over. As well as fresh takes on old classics like 221b Baker’s street and Inspector Lestrade. Check out Enola Holmes 2 and see Henrey Cavill fresh of his return as superman. Hurry before he is replaced with Liam Hemsworth in post. We all know Netflix is dieing to do it.

Join us as we discuss 20 things you missed in Enola Holmes 2: The Quest for a subtitle

0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Hiding the Reveal
2:02 – Sued for being too nice
3:15 – 221b Baker St
4:05 -Violin
5:03 – Old Cases
5:36 – The Enola Holmes Mysteries
6:13 – The Match Girls
6:48 – Women’s Right to bomb
7:31 – Jujutsu
8:10 – Club Paragon
9:12 – Underwood
9:53 – Knives Out
10:46 – Looking Back
11:11 – Lestrade
12:00 – Poster Hint
12:23 – Ripper Street
12:49 – Help
13:22 – London Docks
14:05 – Two cases are one

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