Easter Eggs You Missed In Peacemaker

"Peacemaker" isn’t your typical superhero property. All the parts are there, but the tone is way off. The result is a show that feels full of more profanity and unhinged violence than every other superhero movie or TV show combined.

But of course, "Peacemaker" IS still a superhero show, connected in ways large and small to a whole universe of other superheroes. As a result, it’s full of references, callbacks and Easter eggs relating to the wider world of both "The Suicide Squad" movie that preceded it and the DC Extended Universe that surrounds it.

From Peacemaker’s hatred of every other superhero to some keepsakes from his time in Corto Maltese, these are all the Easter eggs you missed in "Peacemaker."

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From: Corto Maltese | 0:00
Valentina Vostok | 1:31
Mocking the Justice League | 2:19
Eclipso, an obscure villain | 3:37
The Wayne Foundation | 4:29
Bat-Mite lives | 5:17
Arkham Asylum and Belle Reve | 6:15
Doll Man | 7:29
Matter-Eater Lad | 8:10
Batman’s rogues’ gallery | 9:13
Ultra Bunny | 10:07
Kahndaq, and Black Adam? | 10:45
Kite-Man | 11:46
Nyasir | 13:12
Green Arrow | 14:04
The Justice League | 15:15

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