Movie Content Plus Video Easter Eggs You Missed In Moon Knight Episode 1

Easter Eggs You Missed In Moon Knight Episode 1

Marvel’s "Moon Knight" has finally arrived on Disney+, introducing a relatively obscure comic book character to a much wider audience. Episode 1 is, naturally, an origin story for the hero, introducing Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) as a lowly museum gift shop employee with some serious sleep issues. This being an Marvel Cinematic Universe story, there’s going to be a lot of fun Easter eggs for fans to find nested in the episode. Here’s a breakdown of the symbolism, foreshadowing, and clever music cues used in the inaugural outing. These are the Easter eggs you missed in "Moon Knight" Episode 1.

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A villain’s theme music | 0:00
Khosara Khosara | 01:21
Frenchie on the phone | 2:22
What’s in a name? | 3:32
All clad in white | 4:40

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