DUNE PART 2 EXPLAINED: Feyd Character Breakdown, Origin of Paul’s Opposite and the Kwisatz Haderach

DUNE PART 2 EXPLAINED: Feyd Character Breakdown, Origin of Paul’s Opposite and his roots with the Kwisatz Haderach. In this video, we’re gonna be breaking down Austin Butler’s character ‘Feyd’ in Dune Part 2, We get a few quick shots of the character in the latest trailer so we thought we would go into more detail on him, looking back at the original David Lynch movie, where this character was portrayed by none other than Sting, who looked like a deranged Ed Sheeran. There are gonna be spoilers in this video surrounding the character and plot of the movie, so if you wanna avoid that then best check out now, for the rest of you, let’s get into it!

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host…(Paul)

Dune Part Two is gonna be seeing the introduction of a big villain and throughout this video we’re gonna be going through everything you need to know about Austin Butler’s Feyd. If you’ve seen the original David Lynch movie then this is the same character that Sting played but there’s far more depth to him than what we got in that.

Though he stood around looking like an evil Ed Sheerhan with a constant Smirk on his face, he actually has deep ties with Paul and the Kwisatz Haerach.

He’s such an interesting character and it’s important to bear in mind that Feyd is supposed to be Paul’s opposite in more ways than one. Now when looking at storytelling we often get the idea of a doppelganger to reflect what the hero could be had they taken a different path. The Hitchcockian double is something that’s laced throughout a lot of film and these doubles act as a way where we can compare and contrast certain characters.

On the surface Feyd is Paul’s double and both represent the sons in their families that will eventually rule their houses one day. Whoever is the more powerful out of the two has been thought to rule the galaxy and that’s where there’s a lot of focus on the atredies and harkonnens.

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