Movie Content Plus Video Dumb Things In Elf We All Just Ignore

Dumb Things In Elf We All Just Ignore

Selfish elves, a Santa kidnapping, and a candy-fueled creeper. We love "Elf," but there are a few things you won’t be able to ignore next time you watch it.

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Just make him a bed | 0:00
Small clues | 1:33
Miles and miles away | 2:41
Sweet tooth | 4:06
Medical advice | 5:51
Bad at his job | 7:21
Who’s got spirit? | 9:05
Santa’s little helpers | 10:13
Baby, it’s cold outside | 11:32
Santa’s shaky judgment | 13:04
Miles Finch | 14:18
Wait, that guy’s 26? | 15:27

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