Movie Content Plus Video Don’t Worry Darling: 20 Things You Missed

Don’t Worry Darling: 20 Things You Missed

Olivia Wilde’s second movie as a director has been released with a lack luster response. Competent and talented people take part in this psychological thriller that seeks to restate the issues women face and have faced in the world as we see it. Taking a style over substance approach to the story gives the movie a shiny facade hiding the sinister reality underneath it. Liked or not there are a lot to discuss in the movie so here are just 20 things you didn’t catch in Don’t Worry Darling.


0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Black Swan
1:28 – Bidding War
2:19 – MPA
3:12 – Awkward
4:02 – 5 minutes
4:44 – Shia LeBeouf Drama
5:36 – Olivia Wilde as Alice
6:24 – Bunny
7:37 – Poolside Gossip
8:33 – Alice and Bunny
9:19 – The Skeleton Dance
10:14 – Cul-de-sac
10:46 – Newspaper
11:31 – Dolly Zoom
12:03 – Spiral motif
12:42 – Bed and Building
13:21 – Harry Styles improv
14:08- From Russia with love
15:01 – Violet
15:10 – “I hope you don’t feel trapped

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Written by: Iyan Socolove
Narrated by: Joey Criscitello
Edited by: Joey Criscitello

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