Don’t Look Up: 25 Things You Missed

Adam McKay’s latest film, Don’t Look Up, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as two astronomers who discover an asteroid that will obliterate the planet in six months. We follow them (along with a NASA scientist played by Rob Morgan) as they try to inform the masses. Along the way, they encounter the corrupt political establishment (personified via characters portrayed by Meryl Streep and Jonah Hill), a disinterested media (Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry), and a fractured and distrusting populace (Timothée Chalamet).

Don’t Look Up was filmed during COVID, before vaccines were available, so the production faced unique challenges. Several of the actors were in a bubble together and even lived together during filming, and most of the actors’ stories on the press tour for the movie have been about their experience being in closer quarters due to quarantining together during the pandemic. The film certainly seems like it was written last week to reflect our current times, but McKay says the film’s concept was born in 2018 when the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a troubling report about what would happen if the climate rose more than 1.5 degrees celsius (which it almost certainly will). After getting together with journalist David Sirota, the plot for Don’t Look Up was born.


0:00 – Intro
0:38 – McKay wrote the film before COVID (believe it or not)
1:27 – Meryl’s the GOAT
2:13 – Why the movie was made
3:00 – Nose Ring Problems
3:44 – Jennifer Lawrence Got Glass In Her Eye
4:40 – Most Oscar Noms Ever?
5:23 – Meryl forgot how to act but we love her anyway
6:19 – Did you know that Jonah Hill did improv good i bet not
7:07 – Jonah loved making fun of Leo
7:34 – Jonah made fun of JLaw for a long time
8:04 – Jennifer Lawrence got high on set one time
8:36 – Meryl is good at everything, I guess
9:08 – Editor had to ride a fine line
9:51 – Ariana Grande is also Ariana Grande to Jennifer Lawrence
10:23 – Adam McKay is inspired by every recent president but one :/
10:54 – Everyone loves a Chris Evans cameo
11:34 – Real BASH Phones
11:58 – Tim C’s Long Hair (included for gen z, unsure of their gods)
12:27 – JLaw got annoyed with two co-stars (the scandal!)
12:50 – Leo explains apparently forgettable song
13:05 – Can you spot the CGI tooth? (I cannot)
13:27 – Don’t Look Up’s Science Advisor
14:11 – A (Potentially) Happy Ending
14:30 – DART
14:53 – The Last Notable Space Rock

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