DOCTOR STRANGE In The Multiverse Of Madness DELETED SCENES | Cameos, Opening & More

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and though Kevin Fiege tried to cast a memory spell to make us forget all the scenes that we know were gonna be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness, the memory still remains.

Throughout this video we’ll be going through all the leaks that line up with the final release, the cameos that the creative team have talked about and the scenes that didn’t make the final cut. We know from interviews with both Sam Raimi and writer Michael Waldron that there was 40 minutes cut from the film and that the reshoots also did somethings differently to what we got in the film.

Full spoilers ahead for what we got in the theatre as well so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the movie then I highly recommend that you check out now.

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Watch ya mouth.

Now you might remember that last year we did a big video discussing the plot leaks for the film and now that the movies released, having gone back to these they were pretty much 90% right with some minor inconsistencies and added scenes. All the cameos, variants and how they die and the journey is there it’s just different details put in place for some parts that you can go check out if you want.

Just as a disclaimer for this stuff, in the build up to a movie it’s actually not considered fair use to report on leaks that you know to be true which is why a lot of plot leak videos tend to have people in them saying ‘this apparently happens,’ ‘rumour has it’ and so on. However if you say that things should be taken with a grain of salt you’re normally in the clear which is why a lot of my videos that turn out to be true still have this kind of language in it.

Now that the film is out I can say I know that there was a scene with Mordo in it in which he went to visit Wanda at the start of the movie. If you cast your mind back to the end of Doctor Strange then you’ll remember that the post credits scene had him going out on a quest to kill the Wizarding World worse than Fantastic Beasts did.

In Multiverse Of Madness, Strange even mentions how Mordo has been trying to kill him when he meets the illuminati version but this is something that we’ve never seen and it’s definitely not something that he would really know about as Mordo never really said anything along those lines at their last meeting.

Now Mordo was going to be the main villain that showed up in the introduction to the movie and he’d be used to demonstrate Wanda’s new ruthless attitude. He would go to attack her and she’d turn him to Moms Spaghetti, beheading him within seconds of his arrival. It was going to be a big way to start the movie that instantly cemented Wanda as the villain. From here we would then jump to the gap junction which is where we’d be introduced to America Chavez and Defender Strange.

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