Movie Content Plus Video Doctor Strange 2 Will Change The MCU Forever

Doctor Strange 2 Will Change The MCU Forever

Get out your frame by frame examinations and open up your Marvel sourcebooks, the next chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has dropped a trailer and some tv spots and it’s a cornucopia of easter eggs and hints that we’ve been in the shared universe this whole time. The unmistakable voice of Sir Patrick Stewart has upended the entire idea of canon in the MCU and that’s only the beginning of the implications in the trailer. It also comes down to why Sir Patrick is there and who his friends are. Marvel’s ultimate superband of superheroes, the ones brought together to prevent major Earth threatening events and instead either making them worse or causing them outright appears ready to set Earth 199999s Doctor Strange right, including it appears a total of four different versions of the Bleeker Street Magician to contend with from undead to slick hair to power hungry. Not only has the trailer inferred that every Marvel movie ever is canon to the multiverse, it has reached into the animated world as well with Sinister Strange joining super soldier Peggy Carter and the undead. A Marvel of either the Danvers or Rambeau variety will be taking on a Scarlet Witch who is having none of it. The second Strange movie might even reach into franchises that never were, with rumors of a Tom Cruise Tony Stark. WIth hints of the other reality ripping entity the TVA it’s safe to say that the MCU will never be the same again. Even the Merc with the Mouth appears to be part of the growing slate of characters. What do you think the future will be when the dust settles? Sound off in the comments and be sure to like and subscribe for the latest in your inbox. Also, keep a look out for Sam Raimi’s ‘73 Oldsmobile.


0:00 Intro
0:38 Professor X
2:00 Tom Cruise
3:00 What If & The Illuminati
4:35 Deadpool
4:48 Nightmare
5:13 Ultron

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