Doctor Strange 2 Moments That Really Upset Fans The Most

Sam Raimi’s "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" is being praised by critics and fans alike, particularly the parts with Raimi’s fingerprints all over the screen. The horror auteur brought his signature style to the project, with some disturbing, trippy visuals and shocking moments, making the Marvel Cinematic Universe as creepy as it’s ever been (and may ever be). But even Sam Raimi can’t satisfy every MCU fan. Like every highly anticipated new installment in the mega-franchise, there are a few choices in this one that some fans simply can’t get behind. These are the "Doctor Strange 2" moments that really upset fans the most.

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The Gargantos misdirect | 0:00
Not enough universes | 1:38
The Illuminati’s arrogance | 3:00
The Illuminati’s deaths | 4:31
John Krasinski as Reed Richards | 5:33
The Earth-616 reference | 7:05
The Souls of the Damned | 8:46
Redemption for me, but not for thee | 9:46
Whither Loki? | 11:07

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