Doctor Strange 2: Biggest Plot Holes That Need Fixing

Benedict Cumberbatch In The Multiverse Of Retcons

He’s not the Sorcerer Supreme – but he’s still protecting your reality, douchebag. That’s right, Sherlock himself, the new Khan, Brandywine Cucumberband himself, is back as Mr Doctor Stephen Strange, and this time it’s… kind of personal. Well, for Wanda – aka Scarlet Witch, also known as Elizabeth Olsen, occasionally designated the secret weapon of the Olsen Twins Family – it’s personal. Fresh off her successful Hexing of an entire town in WandaVision on Disney Plus, Disney’s Marvel’s Ms Maximoff is also back, and she means business.

Directed by Sam Raimi – who you may remember from a few little movies like Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Darkman, Spider-Man, Spidey 2 and Peter Parker 3 – the new movie is a wild horror trip taking us through alternate dimensions as the magician from Bleeker Street tries to save young America Chavez from a whole bunch of demons, including comics favourite Shuma-Gorath. Along the way, he gets tangled up in a whole mess of continuity problems left over from the likes of Loki and No Way Home.

And that’s why we are here. Join ScreenRant for a brand new MCU Plot Hole extravaganza, as we dive into the Multiverse of Madness to ask all important questions like “what”, “huh”, “who”, “how” and so on.

Naturally, spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t seen the movie and somehow have missed that Arnold Schwarzenegger turns up as Galactus, maybe head to your nearest multiplex first. Then you can enjoy Meryl Streep as Dr Doom the way she was meant to be enjoyed – in a mysterious third post-credits scene.

Are we lying? We don’t even know anymore.


0:00 Intro
0:35 Who remembers what?
1:58 Familiar faces
3:35 Rules of travel
5:01 WandaSkills
5:43 WandaMotivations
6:35 Lack of Vision
7:28 The kids are alright?
8:37 Dream a little dream of multiverses
9:45 Designation confusion
10:52 TVA budget cuts

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Narrated by: Justin Freitas @JustinFreitasVO
Edited by: Guillermo A

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