Movie Content Plus Video Disney’s Lightyear: Ending And Post-Credits Scenes Explained!

Disney’s Lightyear: Ending And Post-Credits Scenes Explained!

Lightyear is a little spin off film from the popular Toy Story franchise. The film said it best, in 1995 Andy bought a toy from his favorite movie, this is that movie” So we are watching a movie inside another movie’s universe!, fantastic! Boy, did our favorite space ranger have an epic adventure this time around, it made us love Buzz even more. I can see why they created toys in Andy’s universe because it was far out, man! I’m just impressed about the CGI effects from 1995, because that’s when the film was supposedly released. Let’s strap on our favorite space suit and visit the plot, review the ending and discuss those wonderful post credit scenes, yes that is scene(s), there are 3!


0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Plot
2:22 – Ending Explained
3:59 – Post Credit Scene 1
4:20 – Post Credit Scene 2
4:52 – Post Credit Scene 3

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