Disney Parks Around the World: $110,000 Globe-Trotting Trip Sells Out

Disney has made a name for itself with its various theme parks across the globe. Each joyful location has been a safe haven for Disney fans for decades and recently the company unveiled the ultimate trip that would leave even Mickey Mouse salivating. The Disney Parks Around the World trip was announced earlier this month which is a 24-day adventure to 31 locations including every major Disney theme park like Florida, Anaheim, France, and Tokyo. However, if you were looking to go on this once-in-a-lifetime vacation, the trip has quickly sold out.

According to The Orange County Register, the extremely expensive trip sold out even before it was available for purchase. All 75 slots for the trip were taken during its presale event which began on June 20. This has caused the globe-trotting vacation to have a waitlist which is quickly starting to fill up. The Disney Tourist Blog added that all seats for the trip’s private jet were sold out before the tickets went on sale for the general public, which was supposed to happen on Tuesday, June 28.

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