Did the CELESTIAL Emergence Destroy ASGARD? – Eternals and Thor MARVEL Theory EXPLAINED

The Eternals ends with the death of a celestial, mid-emergence. But the visual of past Celestial hatchings show a planet being ripped apart–which looks very familiar. In this video we explore a pair of Reddit theories that the original planet Asgard was destroyed by an emergence like this, but then Odin used the space stone to put his planet back together–as a floating realm in space.

The theory holds that the space stone’s residual energy held Asgard in place–and that Surtur’s blow released it–hence the burst of blue tesseract-like energy. But we also theorize that this was not the first time the eternals used an infinity stone against the Celestials.

Could it be that the Guardians of the Galaxy Flashback of 8 beings banding together could actually be 8 Eternals on the planet Titan? Thanos and eros were Eternals, brothers of a kind, who differed on the best way to rebel against the celestials. Thanos wanted to kill half the planet, and Eros wanted to party–but the 8 others decided to share the energy of the power stone to stop the emergence.

This is why the Uni-Mind looks so similar to beings sharing the energy of the power stone. And of course they saved Titan–but the devastation form the reality stone made it uninhabitable. We explore this and many more Marvel Cinematic Universe cosmic theories in this video.

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0:00 Celestial Asgard Theory
1:00 Eternals and Celestials Recap
1:50 Celestial Destruction of Asgard
3:00 Asgard Created by the Space Stone
4:15 Space Stone Powered the BiFrost
5:32 Odin’s Infinity Gauntlet
6:46 Hela’s Tesseract Threat
7:38 Celestials in Norse Myth
9:06 Thanos, Eros and the Titan Emergence
11:38 Power Stone Destroyed Titan

Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright

#Eternals #Asgard #Emergence

You know, in all the horse and hours of MCU films and shows that have been released, we’ve seen a lot of different planets. Earth, Xandar, Vormir, Titan, the Thanos retirement village, plus all the other realms of Asgard. But one of these planets is not actually a planet. Asgard. It’s a giant floating disc with waterfalls that flow gracefully into space. So how can something this small have enough mass to produce the gravity we see on Asgard?

Well a couple redditors named Professor of Lies and Paramecia Antic have a theory that I think explains everything: Asgard was home to a celestial seed, that destroyed its original planet.

We’re going to go into more detail here, but this theory explains so much about Odin, Hela, the Norse mythology, the infinity stones, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos, and the infinity gauntlet.

So, just to back up a bit. In case you didn’t see the Eternals or need a refresher. That movie revealed that everything in the universe is created by space giants called the celestials. Celestials shape the raw energy of the universe into planets, stars, and galaxies. So, you like that screen you’re looking at right now? Thank a celestial.

The celestials breed by impregnating planets with baby embryos. These embryos then feed off the intelligent life on the planet. When there are enough people on the planet, the celestial is able to hatch. This destroys the planet, but I happen to know there’s a little baby celestial out there, shaping up new planets.

The Eternals are robots who were created to defend the people on each planet as they grow larger civilizations. And, spoiler alert for the Eternals, that movie ends with them betraying the celestials, and aborting a celestial mid hatch.

And this is where the theories of Professor of Lies and Paramecia Antic come into it. They theorized that Asgard was once an entire planet, that was home to a celestial seed. This would have been a long time ago, during the reign of Thor’s grandfather Bor, or back when Odin was a young man, all set on a-conquering

Asgardians are a very advanced civilization. And, their people live for an extremely long time [clips] So with a life expectancy like that, their planet would have become overpopulated. There would have been more than enough intelligent life for the celestial baby to feed off. In fact, maybe Asgard was originally a giant planet, the size of a gas giant. So it would have taken them longer to make enough people to hatch a space baby that big.

And then, the emergence happens. And some Asgardian leader–let’s just say Odin, realizes that they’re unable to stop it from happening. Unless he follows Thanos’s playbook: genocide.

Paramecia Antic goes on to theorize that Odin was able to save Asgard, by using the space stone. See, we know the space stone was once in Asgard’s possession because he left it in a vault on earth.

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