Dexter: New Blood: 25 Things You Missed

Showtime’s newest hit show has done the impossible. The original series, starring Michael C. Hall, was a beloved series and one of the network’s biggest hits throughout its legendary seven season run. The only problem was that the series finale was regarded as one of the worst ever made. It saw the titular character ride into a hurricane instead of into the sunset. Not only that, but then it showed him inexplicably as a lumberjack in Oregon mere moments later. So for the new series to return us to the character AND actually make the show as lovable as its best days again is no small feat. This has got a lot to do with some of the behind the scenes secrets you may have missed.

For starters, many of the original cast members were joined by many of the original directors, writers and producers. They all worked primarily on the first four seasons of the series. So they brought it back to the vibe it had when our favorite character was just trying to live a normal life alongside his dark passenger. Well, they certainly brought it back to this with plenty of new romances, villains and friends to populate Jim Lindsay’s new life. Of course, this all comes crashing down with the return of Harrison and Clancy Brown’s Kurt Caldwell. This combines with the returns of Debra Morgan and the Trinity Killer to haunt him from the grave. Will the show end better this time or will it be another failure? I may have some clues to that before the new finale airs.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Oregon
0:50 Clyde Phillips
1:32 New Opening Titles
2:04 Old Opening Titles
2:35 Breakfast Delivery
3:02 Doakes
3:40 James Remar
4:10 Debra
4:43 Jim Lindsay
5:13 Harrison’s Age
5:43 Joker
6:17 Batista
6:53 Vince Masuka
7:28 John Lithgow
8:01 Clancy Brown
8:34 Hurricane Laura
9:10 Julia Jones
9:34 The Cold
10:08 Hannah’s Fate
10:30 Best Parts of the Original
10:53 Michael Cyril Creighton
11:23 Jeremy Renner
11:56 Ending First
12:24 Director Marcos Siega
12:42 Season Two

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Nick Twohig
Edited by: Guillermo A.

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