Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds Offers Hopeful Update on Sequel

With the tremendous success, both critically and commercially, of the first two Deadpool movies, it’s no wonder every time Ryan Reynolds does an interview, someone will slip in a question about Deadpool 3. After all, the character is still incredibly popular, and I’d argue the lack of screen time has actually made the return of Deadpool even more anticipated, especially since Marvel fans want to know how the character will enter the Marvel universe. Also, ever since Kevin Feige announced that when the Merc with a Mouth does enter the MCU, he’ll be the first character that will get a movie R-rated movie.

While some may wonder why Marvel would consider mixing in an R-rated movie into their tremendously successful PG-13 lineup, I’ll give you an easy answer: $1.56 billion. That’s how much money the first two Deadpool movies made at 20th Century Fox before Marvel had any control over the character. Now that the character is under the umbrella of Feige and Marvel, the possibilities are endless in terms of what the future might bring. As a longtime fan of Deadpool, I cannot wait to see him interacting with Doctor Strange and Thor, or for Spider-Man and Deadpool to debate something funny on the streets of New York City.

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