Movie Content Plus Entertainment DCU Keeping Ezra Miller Flash? Wonder Woman Plans, The Rock, Superman & The New Slate Coming Soon

DCU Keeping Ezra Miller Flash? Wonder Woman Plans, The Rock, Superman & The New Slate Coming Soon

DCU Keeping Ezra Miller Flash? Wonder Woman Plans, Superman & The New Slate Coming Soon. We breakdown the Variety Report that talks about Ezra Miller and The Flash, The Rock and some elements of the DCU upcoming James Gunn Slate.

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Ok so yesterday several big reports on the DCU were released that talked about Ezra Millers Flash, The Rock and also some things about what’s happening with Wonder Woman in the upcoming James Gunn full reboot soft reboot that isn’t a proper reboot but it’s a reboot.

People on the internet love nothing more than someone reading a news article out to them and that’s exactly what we’re gonna be doing.

In this video we’ll be breaking down what was said, going over what Gunns debunked and also our thoughts on this entire situation. If you enjoy the video please hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe for update videos on the news as we get it. Gunn and Safran will be unveiling some of their upcoming 10 year plan very shortly and we’ll be going through all that so make sure you don’t miss out.

So firstly I wanna talk about the Ezra Miller one and also give my thoughts on what I think is happening with the The Flash.

IGN and Variety both did things covering it and according to them:

Sources have told Variety that some Warner Bros. Discovery executives are still willing to work with Miller. According to the report, the fact that Miller has stayed out of trouble since they began mental health treatment last summer has reopened the door to Miller appearing as The Flash again in the future.

The Flash movie, which is slated for release November 4, 2023, and will reportedly feature "a lot of DC characters" — as it borrows from the Flashpoint story arc from the comics and restarts everything — is slowly growing its cast (while also losing a few faces).

Now we do know that Henry Cavill was due to Cameo in this but this was cut in latest screenings after he was kicked to the curb. Guy didn’t deserve it and honestly I think that’s the thing that’s caused the biggest uproar in the DC fandom especially because Gunn seems to be keeping some other stuff.

I really think that the first move in the DCU should’ve been annoucing new movies so people could get excited but instead we had a wave of firings which just put a black cloud over the entire thing before we even know what’s happening. There’s a lot of people who think Miller should be ostricised as well and to see them potentially keeping their role whilst we lose Cavill is no doubt gonna annoy some people.

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