Movie Content Plus Video DC’s Biggest Failures You May Have Forgotten About

DC’s Biggest Failures You May Have Forgotten About

Comic fans agree that DC has made some major mistakes in the past, both in the comic books that made them famous, and the video games, TV shows and movies that have been adapted from them.

Some of the company’s biggest comic failures include the DC Explosion marketing gimmick, "Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack," and "All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder." Outside of the comics, there’s legendarily bad video game "Superman 64," as well as the original attempt at a "Justice League" movie.

Fans spend a lot of time focusing on the present triumphs and failures of DC, but there’s a rich history of peaks and valleys to discuss with this company. These are DC’s biggest failures you may have forgotten about.

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The DC Implosion | 0:00
Justice League of America | 1:33
Superman N64 | 2:48
Catwoman | 3:53
Green Lantern | 4:49
Justice League: Heroes United | 5:50
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace | 6:42
Batman and Robin | 7:49
Amazons Attack | 8:47
All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder | 9:44
Jonah Hex | 10:52

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