DCEU Storylines That Disappeared Without Explanation

In the ever-expanding DC Extended Universe, tons of characters and storylines are being introduced all the time, but it hasn’t exactly been the smoothest ride from page to screen. Some characters and their respective arcs have been met with both critical and fan acclaim. Others, not so much.

With the DCEU moving away from Zack Snyder’s original vision, there are bound to be a number of storylines, plot points, and narrative threads that fall to the wayside. It doesn’t mean they’ll never return, of course, but for now there’s a lot of unfinished business. Here are the DCEU storylines that disappeared without explanation.

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Atlanteans in Man of Steel? | 0:00
What happened to Robin? | 1:50
Where is Batman’s entire history? | 3:00
Where are the Green Lanterns? | 4:01
Where’s the Council of Wizards? | 5:07
What are Luthor’s actual motivations? | 6:21
How was Doomsday made? | 7:50
The Flash time travel sequence? | 9:21
Wonder Woman 1984 impact? | 10:22
An ill-chosen team? | 11:41

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