Movie Content Plus Video DC Movies Marathon

DC Movies Marathon

The hierarchy of power in the DC universe is constantly changing, but ultimately, we’re just here to enjoy the movies. As the DC films get ready for a major overhaul, let’s settle in with a look back at the highs and lows of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and all their super friends.

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11 Batman v Superman Easter Eggs You Didn’t Notice | 0:00
How Zachary Levi Got In Serious Shape For Shazam! | 6:51
Small Details You Completely Missed In Justice League | 17:28
Suicide Squad Easter Eggs You May Have Missed | 25:18
3 Best And 3 Worst Things In Aquaman | 28:29
Things Only Adults Noticed In Wonder Woman 1984 | 33:47
Explaining These Confusing Moments In The Snyder Cut | 44:55
The Untold Truth Of Shazam! | 57:29
The Absolute Best Order To Watch Every Single DCEU Movie | 1:08:19
Black Adam Vs. Superman: Who Would Really Win In A Fight? | 1:15:00
The Suicide Squad Moment That Went Too Far | 1:20:29
The Most Cringeworthy DCEU Moments | 1:24:40

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