Movie Content Plus Video Day Shift: 25 Things You Missed

Day Shift: 25 Things You Missed

Even vampire hunters can benefit from a union. Even if you have to pay your late dues before you’re able to cash in on your fang bounty. The Day Shift, directed by stuntman and second unit director for movies like F9 and John Wick JJ Perry and starring Jammie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg posits a world where even riding the world of monsters is not safe from the gig economy. Part buddy cop, part comedy, part action, part horror, the Day Shift hopes to bring it all together in a familiar and fresh way. One hundred and nine years after the first vampire movie was ever made, The Day Shift looks to build on what has come before it. Drawing influences from movies like Big Trouble in Little China, The Lost Boys, and the original Fright Night Perry was looking to pay homage while bringing something new to the genre. Perry has determined that the three keys to a movie like Day Shift are comedy, action, and horror and as long as he was able to balance those elements throughout the movie it’d be a success. Snoop Dogg gets another swing at horror and action including some sweet John Wick moves and a chance to carry a minigun named Big Bertha in this summer time romp. What was your favorite part of the movie? Did you see anything we missed? Almost certainly. Let us know in the comments and while you’re there be sure to like and subscribe for the latest videos in your inbox.


0:00 Intro
0:43 – JJ Perry
1:45 – John Wick
2:12 – Practical Effects
2:50 – Contortionists
3:39 – Inspiration
4:01 – Calvin Broadus
4:44 – Big John
5:39 – Snoop is a Fan
6:38 – Dave Franco & Twilight
7:42 – Karla Souza
8:11 – Broken Heels
8:56 – Foxx Requested Franco
9:24 – My Best Friend Bud
9:58 – Nods
10:25 – Vampire Lore
11:39 – Southern Vamps
11:55 – Names
12:43 – Nazarian
13:13 – Origins
14:16 – The LA River

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Narrated by: Patrice Scott
Edited by: Patrice Scott

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